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Cosmetic OEM/ODM

1. Product planning and design
2. Research, development and manufacture of new products
3. Collaborative development of skincare products
4. External packaging and container assembly arrangement design
5. Brand positioning suggestion
6. Skincare product OEM and product planning  for aesthetic medicine brand 

Product Categories

Skin care

  • Makeup Remover Series:

    Cleansing oil, Cleansing gel, Cleansing water, Cleansing lotion and various functional makeup remover products.

  • Facial Cleansing Series:

    Facial wash, Facial cleansing lotion, Facial cleansing gel, Facial cleansing cream and various functional cleansing products.

  • Exfoliating Series:

    Exfoliating cream, Exfoliating gel, Exfoliating lotion and various functional cleansing products for face and body.

  • Toner Series:

    Whitening, Gentle, Anti-allergy, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-acne, Acne, Moisturizing toners and various functional toners.

  • Essence Series:

    Moisturizing, Whitening, Wrinkle remover, Gentle, Anti-allergenic, hydratant and various functional essence products.

  • Serum Series:

    Eye cream, Whitening, Acne, Revitalizing, Spot lightening, Anti-allergic serums, Wrinkle remover serum and various functional serums.

  • Facial Mask Series:

    Various types of facial masks, Clay facial mask, Facial mask gel, Facial mask powder and various functional facial masks.

  • Sunscreen collection:

    Functional sun screening products such as sunscreen lotion, sunscreen cream, sunscreen spray, cushion powder...etc.

Body Healthcare

  • Body Cleansing Series:

     Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower gel, Hand wash、soap and various functional body cleansing products.

  • Body Skincare Series:

    Slimming cream series, Body massage series, Breast firming cream series and various functional body products.

Other items

  • Conditioning product collection:

    Functional body conditioning products such as enzyme probiotics and rose collagen peptide.

  • Aromatic Essential Oil Series:

    Various pure essential oils, Compound essential oils, Massage essential oils and Fragrant formulas etc.

  • Oral cleansing:

    Functional oral cleansing products such as marine toothpaste and mouthwash. 

Product demands provided by the customer will be taken care of by Hung Chuang from the formula design to the manufacturing.


The customer provides the product formula demands to be manufactured by Hung Chuang.